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Indus Basin Holding is a private investment company with interests in agribusiness, oil & gas and finance. We are hands on investors – we build, finance and operate our businesses. Indus Basin Holding has developed a close knit group of prominent international co-investors that back our ventures. All our businesses are driven by a strong sense of purpose.

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Indus Basin Holding, through its companies, works with small hold farmers. Several of our businesses are located in the Indus Basin region, the geographical area drained by the Indus River and its tributaries. This vast area was once home to the Indus Valley Civilization, which flourished in the Indian subcontinent in the Bronze Age.

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Oil & Gas

Indus Basin Holding builds businesses in the oil & gas space that solve major problems from customers. We are particularly interested in eliminating inefficiencies in supply chains.

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Indus Basin Holding is developing alternative investment platforms, and providing access to real frontier opportunities. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know what businesses need when raising capital, and have come up with unique models to provide capital to growing companies.

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Indus Basin Holding backs a small number of talented sportsmen...

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Our Foundation is very much central to our existence...

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